Supporting Organizations

Community of Christ, Canada East

In 1977 Community of Christ established a non profit housing corporation, named Zerin Development Corporation. Since then the faith group has sponsored two Zerin housing projects. Church and community members serve as volunteer directors on the Board and they oversee the operations of the housing projects. To Community of Christ, partnering with governments to help provide affordable housing for low income persons is one of its missions and building community is one of its ministries.

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)

Since the early 1970s, CMHC has played a key role in providing funding to non profit corporations, sponsored by faith groups and community service organizations, to build affordable housing units in Canada. CMHC has provided low cost mortgages, insurance and, in some cases, federal subsidies. Zerin's housing projects would not exist without CMHC. Zerin's partnership with CMHC is an example of how government and volunteer community organizations can work together for the public benefit.

City of London

Zerin considers the City of London Housing Services and the London Housing Development Corporation (HDC) valued partners. Zerin receives rent supplement funding for those tenants who cannot afford to pay market rent at Zerin Place. The City's Housing Services staff provide support through training, guidance and encouragement. HDC staff works with Zerin in its efforts to develop more housing units, and HDC provides funding if our housing project proposal is approved.

Housing Development Corporation (HDC), London

HDC is an independent corporation with the mandate to stimulate the development and sustainability of affordable housing throughout London and Middlesex by 1) Supporting the local need for revitalized and strengthened neighborhoods, and diverse and inclusive communities; 2) Collaborating with all sectors to create and sustain affordable housing and stimulate economic growth; 3) HDC's relationship with the City of London; and 4) Advancing the interests and accountability rules defined by the City of London's Municipal Council as the sole shareholder of HDC. This includes working in collaboration with the City and in advancing affordable housing based on the needs and actions outlined in the 2013 Homeless Prevention and Housing Plan.


Photo of church in Autumn. Community of Christ, Woodfield Congregation in London Ontario Community of Christ, Peace Logo & Wordmark Zerin Place Seniors Apartments under construction - an affordable housing development in London Ontario by Zerin Development Corporation The Government of Canada through Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation is pleased to have contributed to this project. Photo of tractor on construction site. Construction of foundation/ground floor units at Zerin Place - an affordable housing development project in London Ontario Mt. Zerin stain glass window at Zerin Place Seniors Apartments. Affordable housing development project by Zerin Development Corporation A 4th floor sitting place to quietly reflect, read or visit, at Zerin Place, London Ontario, an affordable housing development by Zerin Development Corporation Zerin Place Seniors Apartment, view from the parking lot. Zerin Place Seniors Apartments - an affordable housing development in London Ontario by Zerin Development Corporation Photo of a large gathering. Official opening ceremony at Zerin Place on December 1, 1985. London Ontario.