Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

Zerin strives to create diverse, inclusive and respectful communities, where people can live in dignity, hope and joy.

Our Mission

To develop and manage affordable housing initiatives; promoting a caring community and mutual respect for all.

Our Values


We will create conditions and systems wherein tenants can feel supported and empowered to do for themselves.


We will strive for empathy in all of our endeavors and actions to truly understand the situation others find themselves in.


We will strive for inclusiveness where all persons, regardless of culture, socio-economic background, beliefs, abilities or limitations feel valued and enabled to contribute.


We will ensure our business policies and practices are held to high standards of accountability but with preference for solving problems and working out solutions with mutual respect.


We will regard differences and diversity (of social and economic status, level of ability, etc.) as assets that can enrich our community.


We will respect the inherent dignity and worth of every person with whom we work and we will cultivate an environment where all people are treated with dignity and care.


Zerin Place Seniors Apartment, view from the parking lot. An affordable senior housing development by Zerin. Zerin Place Seniors Apartments - Tenants enjoy some cake and coffee. Zerin Place Senior Housing - Affordable housing development in London Ontario by Zerin Development Corporation Zerin Place is truly a place to call home. Zerin Place Seniors Apartments - a view from the parking lot - an affordable housing development in London Ontario by Zerin Development Corporation Zerin Place Seniors Apartments - Plaque presented for 20 years tenancy. Zerin Place Seniors Apartments - Affordable housing development and management project in London Ontario by Zerin Development Corporation Development / construction site at 440 Clarke Road for a Zerin Development Corporation affordable housing project in London Ontario. Building a Caring Community Campaign: Help Us Help Others / zerindevelepment.ca Zerin Place on Clarke Road, view from Clarke Road entrance corner, an affordable housing development project, London, Ontario.

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