Housing Development Projects

Zerin Family Apartments, Toronto, 1978

Zerin's first housing project in 1978 was an acquisition/rehabilitation of a 15-unit apartment building in Toronto. Some refugee families who escaped oppressive regimes in Central and South American countries became its first tenants, forming a supportive community for one another. While this apartment building is no longer managed by Zerin, it continues to house some next-generation members of those original families.

Zerin Place, London Ontario, 1984

Zerin's second housing project in 1984 was a new construction of a 40-unit apartment building in London for seniors. Despite the building being 33 years old, it is in excellent condition and well maintained. Zerin Place is highly regarded for its appearance, its outstanding management and its strong financial position. Zerin Place is meant to be 'a place to call home' for its senior tenants and they stay on average for over nine years.

Planned Project: 440 Clarke Road, London Ontario, 2019

Zerin Development Corporation is a rostered partner with the Housing Development Corporation, London with the goal of developing a second affordable apartment housing building in East London.

We are currently undertaking a rezoning application with the City of London to develop a two acre site on Clarke Road to accommodate a 65 unit apartment building.

More details can be viewed on the planned project page:


Photo of construction, view from street. Zerin Place Seniors Apartments under construction. An affordable housing development and management project in London Ontario by Zerin Development Corporation Zerin Place Seniors Apartment, view from the parking lot. Zerin Place Seniors Apartments - an affordable housing development in London Ontario by Zerin Development Corporation Rendering of architect's proposed concept of planned development. Aerial view of planned development in East London. Photo of a field green with meadow grasses and flowers. Proposed site where new planned housing project to be constructed in East London. A planned affordable housing project. Photo of tractor on construction site. Construction of foundation/ground floor units at Zerin Place - an affordable housing development project in London Ontario Photo of Zerin Place sign at 303 Commissioners Road West in London. Photo of Zerin's first project in Toronto - an affordable Housing development project, Toronto Ontario Canada Architect's rendering of proposed housing project in East London, street view. Photo of Zerin Place from above. Aerial view of Zerin Place building and parking lot. Zerin Place Seniors Apartments - London Ontario Proposed affordable Housing development project in London Ontario - proposed rendering Photo of construction site. View from east side of Zerin Place under construction. Zerin Place Seniors Apartments in London Ontario - an affordable housing development and management project by Zerin Development Corporation The Government of Canada through Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation is pleased to have contributed to this project.